10 Lessons in Brain Science & Design Thinking
for a Mindful, Healthy, & Purposeful Life

For years, my audiences have asked me where they can learn more about behavior change. In this book, I have curated what I have found to be the most helpful, useful concepts from decades of studying neuroscience and design thinking.  The primary goal of this book is to empower you as the designer of your life. The perfect guide for decoding why we do what we do—and how we can design the life we want to live. This book empowers you to be the designer of your experience. Use it as a resource to help you reach new levels within yourself then keep it handy whenever you get stuck.

Book Endorsements

“I absolutely LOVED this book! A break through book for people who have been searching for an effective way to make changes in their lives. Well Designed Life is so conversational, and personal, and brings science into the equation in such an easy to understand way.”

– Lorraine Rapp, co-Host/Producer of Take Care,
NPR affiliate WRVO, NY

"With Well Designed Life, Dr. Kyra Bobinet manages to combine the core principles of design-thinking with the neuroscience of behavior change and present them in a way that allows anyone who picks up her book to become a designer. Her decision to include real-life examples and personal stories is authentic and compelling, and will empower readers to enact change within their own lives. This riveting book is a powerful tool for anyone looking to tackle behavioral challenges and better understand themselves."

– Larry Chu, MD, Associate Professor and Executive Director of Medicine X, Stanford School of Medicine


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