About Kyra Bobinet


Dr. Kyra Bobinet obviously wrote this section so you are about to read what she thinks of herself—which is kinda awkward for both of us—so let me just switch to the first person.

So, here’s the deal. I live to serve others. It gets me up in the morning. I want to free myself and others from the suffering we wallow in, or actively deny, every day.

In order to be good at it, and figure out what may help others, I spend a lot of time experimenting on my own behavior. For example, how can I get myself to do things that are good for me (or scary for me plus good for me) without getting stuck in fear, a feeling of worthlessness, or any other flavor of self-defeating emotion? I am obsessed with what causes us to behave and feel the way we do, so I can be more beneficial to you.

And, in collaboration with others, I have enjoyed great success serving the world. I was fortunate to attend UCSF School of Medicine and Harvard School of Public Health. I have built programs and algorithms that change behavior at the million-person scale. I have changed individual lives through intensive mentoring and coaching. I have sought out teachers and wise elders for my own transformations. I delight in teaching at Stanford School of Medicine. I have created a design firm, engagedIN, that helps people and organizations change behavior for the better. For this, I have won accolades and awards (including the 2015 Innovator Award from Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health as well as past service awards from UCSF, echoing green, and the mayor of San Francisco).

But it hasn’t been enough. I’ve been restless to give others the best possible solutions so they can reach a whole new level within themselves. And with so many great resources and authors out there, I wondered what I had to offer that was worth saying?

Well, here is what I figured out. My specialty is bringing two medicines to you: behavior change and design thinking. Through my love of science, I can decipher really complicated concepts into useful insights to help you build your self-awareness. Likewise, I am, and always have been, a designer. But unlike classic categories like fashion, interior décor, or graphic design, it turns out I am a designer of things like tranquility, transformation, healing, and behavior change. And I am not alone—I believe that every woman and man does this for their own life everyday—and all they need is to recognize and expand this intuition into full-blown life design skills.

This is why I exist. And why I became an author. 

PS. I live in Northern California, am Ojibwe/Bohemian by ancestry, and adore my family (my husband Josh and our mixed brood of Shara, Memphis, Ethan, Alecsa), horses, ecodesign, and surfing!